January 2024 Begins with Home Campaign Briefing (Full Recording and Slides)

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Catch the launch of our Begins with Home Narrative Playbook and align your work for housing justice with best practices, messages, and frameworks using this new research-backed resource

Housing advocates from across the Bay were invited to preview and discuss our most recent narrative resource, the Begins with Home Narrative Playbook featuring research-driven messaging and field-tested strategies that can help us inspire hope and action in the Bay Area.

This resource digests the approach we’re taking through Begins with Home to build public support for regional housing solutions so you can get the most out of your strategic communications. Whether you organize communities, create content, or advocate for policy solutions, this resource and briefing is for you! 

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Begins With Home Narrative Playbook

Our most recent narrative playbook for aligning stories, messages, and content with the research and strategic approach behind the Begins with Home campaign.

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November 2023 Begins with Home Campaign Briefing (Full Recording and Slides)

Check out materials from our first Begins with Home briefing to get our latest annual narrative research and dive deep into the strategic approach behind this newly launched public information campaign.

2023 Annual Housing Narrative Survey from EMC Research

After surveying 1,500 voters from the 9-county Bay Area in September-October 2023, EMC Research shares the latest key findings around the values and attitudes influencing housing and racial justice, as well as the policies and messages resonating with Bay Area residents.

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