Begins With Home Narrative Playbook

Our most recent narrative playbook for aligning stories, messages, and content with the research and strategic approach behind the Begins with Home campaign.

This narrative playbook includes information about the Begins with Home campaign, our research, approach, and messaging, along with tips and best practices on using storytelling and content to move our shared audiences towards action.

The Playbook includes:

  • What’s holding us back and what we can do about it
  • Using metanarrative to tell our story
  • Example messaging to use directly or adapt
  • A Begins with Home essentials cheat sheet
  • Other tools and tricks to apply these concepts to your work


The strategies and guidance in this resource builds on the original Shift the Bay Narrative Playbook, past messaging guides, and comprehensive research and testing completed since 2020.

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January 2024 Begins with Home Campaign Briefing (Full Recording and Slides)

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