Moving from Messaging to Narrative (Session 3)

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Workshop with our experts on how to turn research and narrative strategy into direct application and messaging ahead.

Explore what it means to move from the research to the act of creating narratives. What does it take to move from messaging guidance to putting words to action, to telling powerful stories, to advancing your truth in the midst of the research findings?

With both our researchers and our campaign experts in the room, we discuss how we grow the narratives around housing justice in the Bay Area and explore examples from other parts of the country. This session features Will Valverde, M+R; Dr Tiffany Manuel, TheCaseMade; and Ruth Bernstein, EMC Research.

This webinar comes as part three in a 3-part web series to launch our playbook, review strategies and message guidance, dig deep into our Bay Area-specific research, and explore application ahead in your own work. 

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Dig in to our Bay Area Seize the Narrative playbook with national expert Dr Tiffany Manuel, TheCaseMade, for a window into narrative shift, ways to unseat unhelpful dominant narratives, and opportunities to mobilize people to action.

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The Research Behind the Playbook (Session 2)

Examine the rigorous Bay Area research program that informed our Seize the Narrative playbook -- from focus groups to polling reviews to values-mapping of Bay Area constituents.

Message Guide

We’ve refined months of research and engagement into a message guide designed to help you both inform and motivate community members on Housing Elements.

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