Making the Case for Systems Change

Cover of "Making the Case for Systems Change" including sign saying "gentrify this!"

Tackling the Issues of Gentrification and Displacement

Our initiative’s work was built from existing research and best practices, including the seminal research by Dr Tiffany Manuel. “Making the Case for Systems Change” addresses the outcomes and consequences of racial injustice in our housing systems and offers narrative recommendations to advance anti-displacement and equitable development policy .

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The Backfire Effect – Dr. Tiffany Manuel (workshop clip)

Stop trying to talk people out of their beliefs  -- it actually reinforces their current position. 

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Race-Class California: Our Progressive Narrative

Both economic and racial justice are core progressive priorities, but too often we discuss them separately.

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Messaging Race & Class – Anat Shenker-Osorio (workshop clip)

It's not just morally righteous to acknowledge race and class, research shows that it's a winning message.

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