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Opinion Pieces (Slide Deck)

Slide deck from our "Opinion Pieces" media training

Do you know when you should write each kind of opinion piece? What are the elements and structure of a good op-ed? How can you increase your chances of it being published? And once you’re done drafting, where and how do you submit it to media outlets? Explore these questions and more at this Opinion Pieces training.

Led by M+R Communications, this session reviews how to draft, place, and secure attention to your op-eds, as well as when and why to consider media tools beyond the op-ed.

About the Series: The Shift the Bay initiative has partnered with the communications team at M+R to present a series of interactive trainings based on the topics coalition members said they wanted to learn more about. By growing our collective skill and strategy with media relations and social media, we’ll have more power shifting the narrative and conversation in the Bay Area.

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“Opinion Pieces” Event, October 2021

How to shape, deliver, and secure placement for opinion pieces in media outlets

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