Affordable Housing Month: May

With events nearly every day of the month of May, you don't want to miss this month-long opportunity to engage. Visit our site for the full event calendar as well as videos, tools, and resources to support ongoing conversation!

Reporter Roundtable: Housing & Racial Justice in Bay Area Media Coverage

Media analysis of California housing coverage found that Bay Area news stories tend to lean on the harmful narrative trope of “If you can’t afford to live here, move.” Reporters have an outsized role in setting the stage for the conversations that residents, voters, and decision makers hold on housing and racial justice. Despite the […]

Polling Review: Housing & Racial Justice Values and Narratives in the Bay Area


Join the Shift the Bay initiative's pollster team, EMC Research, for a review of our latest research efforts to track, monitor, and respond to Bay Area public perceptions, values, and narratives around housing and racial justice in the Bay Area. Our latest poll (June 2021) both measures the impacts of our narrative shift work to-date, […]

Making News in Bay Area Media Outlets


Making News in Bay Area Media Outlets will offer tips, trends, do's and don'ts for getting to know Bay Area reporters and getting their attention. Led by Aaron Eske, M+R Senior Vice President of Media Strategy, this training will explore: What's special and different about pitching the Bay Area press corps? Which outlets reach my audience? […]

Workshop: Narrative Strategy & You

In these virtual workshops, renowned national expert (and long-time Shift the Bay partner) Dr Tiffany Manuel and her CaseMade colleagues will guide participants through an interactive workshop, examining specific campaign examples, reviewing big picture guidance that we can all organize under, and facilitating constructing peer learning.