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Shift the Bay: Reporter Resources

The purpose of this resource guide for local journalists is to provide important at-a-glance housing facts, flag some considerations when covering housing, and offer knowledgeable Bay Area housing justice expert voices for future stories.

Top Three Takeaways: ASO Communications Bay Area Workshop

Key messaging principles from Anat Shenker-Osorio

4 brains in succession planning an idea.

Strategic CaseMaking

Guidelines to shape our Bay Area messaging to create equitable and inclusive systems change.

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F.R.A.M.E.S. Worksheet

The F.R.A.M.E.S checklist offers a clear pathway to hone your messages and ground your framing narrative.

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Cornerstones Worksheet

An organization tool to establish the defining aspects of a communications campaign that set the parameters for developing a narrative.

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Bay Area Shifting the Narrative Table Messaging Recommendations Addressing COVID-19

A message guide developed for the Shift the Narrative initiative, amid the evolving and emerging environment in 2020.

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Messaging the Moment

A handbook for progressive communicators.

Advocates Guide to Framing Checklist as an image.

Advocates’ Guide to Framing

A strategic communications checklist.

Seize the Narrative playbook cover.

Shift the Narrative Playbook

Our playbook on advancing housing and racial justice in the Bay Area, based on field-practiced and research-tested strategies and messages.

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The Research Behind the Playbook (Session 2)

Examine the rigorous Bay Area research program that informed our Seize the Narrative playbook — from focus groups to polling reviews to values-mapping of Bay Area constituents.

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Unveiling the Shift the Narrative Playbook: Moving a Housing Justice Agenda Forward (Session 1)

Dig in to our Bay Area Seize the Narrative playbook with national expert Dr Tiffany Manuel, TheCaseMade, for a window into narrative shift, ways to unseat unhelpful dominant narratives, and opportunities to mobilize people to action.

Quick Reference Messaging Guide

A quick reference message guide, to keep our initiative’s narrative strategies & message guidance fresh, front, and center.

Message Guide

This guide provides specific language that can be used to put our Playbook’s strategies into action whenever you are developing or distributing messaging

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Shift the Bay: Advancing Housing & Racial Justice (Explainer Video)

This video offers a dynamic visualization of our initiative’s Seize the Narrative Playbook. Watch, learn, enjoy — and then dig in further to our Playbook and additional resources.