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Housing Elements: Moving the People who Move Housing Policy Workshop (Full Recording and Slides)

This workshop leveraged our existing Housing Elements research, messages, and materials to review best practices to engage decision-makers in meaningful, persuasive, and impactful pro-housing justice conversations.

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(Condensed) Shift the Bay: Moving from Messaging to Narrative (Session 3)

The Cliffs Notes version of our workshop on how to turn research and narrative strategy into direct application and messaging ahead.

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(Condensed) Shift the Bay: Moving a Housing Justice Agenda Forward (Session 1)

The Cliffs Notes version of our Playbook overview for a window into narrative shift, ways to unseat unhelpful dominant narratives, and opportunities to mobilize people to action.

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(Condensed) Shift the Bay: The Research Behind the Playbook (Session 2)

The Cliffs Notes version of our session on the rigorous Bay Area research program that informed our Seize the Narrative playbook.

Top Three Takeaways: ASO Communications Bay Area Workshop

Key messaging principles from Anat Shenker-Osorio

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Sell the Payoff, Not the Policy – Anat Shenker-Osorio (workshop clip)

If you haven’t heard Anat’s “Sell the brownie” metaphor, you are in for a treat!

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Start With the “We” and “Why” – Dr. Tiffany Manuel (workshop clip)

We have to show the “we” and “why” before we get to the “what.”

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We Don’t Want the Backpack – Dr. Tiffany Manuel (workshop clip)

How do you know if you’re talking about a technical problem or an adaptive problem? It all comes down to the backpack.

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Shift the Narrative Casemaking & Audiences – Dr. Tiffany Manuel (workshop clip)

How to shape our delivery and make the case — so that our message isn’t just delivered but truly heard

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Narrative Power Media Analysis

Provided as part of our initiative’s work with Center for Story-Based Strategy, the Narrative Power Media Analysis offers guiding questions, prompts, and a narrative strategy to support developing multi-media creative […]

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Haas Institute: Shifting the Narrative

What it Takes to Reframe the Debate for Social Justice in the US

Cover of "Notes on a Cultural Strategy for Belonging" with art of darker-skinned man.

Notes of a Cultural Strategy of Belonging

Four essential practices of a cultural strategy for belonging

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Shift the Bay: Advancing Housing & Racial Justice (Explainer Video)

This video offers a dynamic visualization of our initiative’s Seize the Narrative Playbook. Watch, learn, enjoy — and then dig in further to our Playbook and additional resources.